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TBA France

Innovative Technology for e-bikes

Cost effective. Fast to install. Reliable.

Front motor kit

The front wheel motor kit is very simple to set up.

Especially if the bike is a sophisticated one with several gears and a fancy derailleur.

Only recommendation, this kit is not suitable for bikes with a small front diameter wheel.

Rear motor kit

The rear motor kit provides a progressive « push » feeling for the user.

Its installation remain fast and simple but will require some assistance if there  is a derailleur on the bike.

Unlike the forward mounted kit, the rear motor kit could be more powerful than 250W (maximum power authorized according to the norm EN 15194).

Middle motor kit

The pedal motor kit has the advantage of providing a greater push than the wheel motor kits while one is at a stop or going uphill.

Moreover, it provides greater stability & balance to the bike given its central low position.

It is a fast, simple and attractive way of turning a conventional bike into a sleek modern electric bike!

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